About Us

Who we are 

Meet the Owners

Abstract Artist: Jim Sears

Decorative Paint Pouring Artist: Janine Sears

Over the years, Jim had a passion for art and music.  His desire for art grew, which lead him to more fullment creating and expressing on canvas instead of writing songs and playing guitar.

Janine learned and developed an appreciation for art not in painting, rather a new form of art and mastered the technique of pouring.

The combination of painting and pouring lead to the idea of opening a gallery and gift shop creating the formation of Indigo Gallery and Gifts.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be unique and offer more than selling art and gifts.  It is to promote and broaden art to the Fond du Lac Downtown District and surrounding areas while working with other artists, galleries, and businesses.  We have innovative ideas to promote, educate, and impact the art industry locally and beyond.

Our Mission

Be Open Minded.  Be Creative. No Limits. Explore New Ideas and Ways.

That is what Indigo Gallery and Gifts is about.  We are dedicated and optimistic in creating and sharing our excitement of art. We are hopeful in building new interest to the art world on canvas and through decorative pouring.  We encourage others to experience, enjoy, and develop an appreciation for art through our expression with the hope of a new passion for you…

Please enjoy the time spent in our gallery but most of all appreciate our creativity and expression.